It’s Not Worth My Time

by admin ~ February 3rd, 2017. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Perhaps you’ve said the words, “It’s not worth my time,” demeaning whatever toward which someone points those words. Maybe we can turn the question around and ask then, “What is worth your time?” The question speaks to what is valuable. We look to God for those priorities, because God tells us what is the most value. On the top of that list is God Himself, because God Himself is most valuable. If you don’t put your time into God, then your values are out of whack. If you don’t value what is most valuable, you can’t look at anything in the right way. You won’t use your time properly because you will be spending it on something of lesser value. Your time becomes of less value. By its nature, what is most valuable is most worth your time. Having God of the greatest value to you and your life doesn’t mean that you won’t do any other kind of work. You’ll think about your work, however, as it relates to God. You do it for God. God is pleased by this.

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