Serving God Is Worshiping God

by admin ~ May 1st, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized.

The words “service” and “worship” are closely related in Scripture. For instance, at the end of Romans 12:1 it mentions that presenting your bodies a living sacrifice is your reasonable “service.” The word “service” is the Greek word latreia, which speaks of the work done in the temple by the Levites or priests. It was the service of the sacrificial system. The Levites and priests were serving God, offering Him what He wanted according to Scripture. We know from Ephesians 4:1 that the believer, upon conversion, has received a new vocation from God. In Romans 6 we know that the before salvation, a person served himself, yielding his body as an instrument of unrighteousness. After someone is saved, he can, because sin no longer has dominion over him, yield his body as an instrument of righteousness. Romans 7 says that the believer can “do good,” and we know from Philippians 2:13 that it is because God works in Him to do good. So what is service to God for a believer? Everything that He does. That’s the answer. Surely prayer, tithing, preaching, and praising are service to God, and they’ve got to be done. He wants those. But even in the mundane, we can serve God. Ladies at potluck, someone cooking for men’s prayer time, mowing the lawn, fixing the van—these all can and should be service to God. Praise God they can be service to Him.

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