The Calendar and Evangelism

by admin ~ December 3rd, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg, church, gospel.

When you look at the calendar for the year, you can see some strategy as it relates to the will of God for a church and for you in the church. During certain times of the year, our church and you are better off with ministry that is more family and personal, those right around you. It’s a different type of personal evangelism. You talk to people you know about subjects that are related to salvation—thanksgiving to God and then the birth of Christ, the Messiah, the Savior comes to the world to seek and to save them that are lost. You can send tracts to relatives, talk about the Lord in phone calls. It is also a special time of ministry, of doing God’s work, building people up, and doing discipleship. The weather isn’t conducive sometimes and people have different schedules. We can spend time in helping people become more obedient to God. They can read and study their Bible, pray. There are a lot of possible distractions in this season, one that is supposed to be about the Lord. It’s a matter of thinking different. It can be a time of great Christian growth instead of a wasted time. We can focus and prioritize on what is eternal in value. What I’m writing here is the way the calendar pace presents itself in this time. Other parts of the calendar open for a lot of evangelism to a lot of people. This is one where we spend time with individual people.

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