Be a Friend to Someone in the Church

by admin ~ October 15th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg, church.

I heard someone call his church once, “A small church with a big ministry.” By almost anyone’s judgment of size of church, our church isn’t very big. A lot gets done by our church if you consider especially what people do at Bethel Christian Academy. I recognize that I want more as leader of our church. What I want is what you can do, not more than that. I want the best life for you, which includes the best from you for our church. I could spend time talking about what we do well. However, I want to draw your attention to two ways especially that we could improve, that I’m writing this because I want you to think about it, and not necessarily in this order. One, individuals in our church need friendship and encouragement. I’m not telling you to “be friends.” I’m telling you that you could be a friend to someone else. That doesn’t mean you hang out together all the time. It means that you keep up with someone and show concern. You could spend a little time with someone. I’m talking about spending time talking about the Word of God and how that person could and should grow as a Christian. If people are not what you think they should be, how is it that you think you could help them? Anyone in our church could judge someone to be in need of a better Christian life or personal, spiritual growth. What are you doing to contribute toward that?

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