29th Anniversary of the Church

by admin ~ October 8th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg, church.

This month will end the 29th year since the first service here in the Bay Area, meaning that the following October 18 will mark 30. I can say in those 29 years that God has never been unfaithful to me and that He has not failed in those 29 years to keep His promises to me. I can say that I have not kept all my promises to Him in those 29 years. Despite that, He has been very good to my family. I can say that, whatever bad there is, it is not because of God. If there is anything that is bad, it is because of us, including me. If it is good, it is because of God, not because of me. If I’ve been good, it’s not because of me, but because of God. If you’ve heard good preaching, it is because God’s Word is wonderful, so very good. If good things have happened in your life, they are because of God. God deserves all the glory. Because God is faithful and He has never failed any of His promises, I am confident for the future of our church. I believe worse days are ahead for our world and this country. I can find no biblical teachings or promises that I could give you that would result in a different assessment. Things could get worse at a slower pace based on what occurs in this election. However, I believe the brightest days are ahead for our church. The world will get darker and we will become brighter. I have that confidence because of God’s promises and His faithfulness.

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