God and Government

by admin ~ September 24th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

When you look at the history of government, with the exception of a real theocracy, where God ruled Israel, it seems like you see five types: some form of one man rule, the rule of the so-called “elite,” the rule of the majority, no rule at all, or the rule of law. You can eliminate one man rule, because that is either one man ruling for the elite, an oligarchy, or it is some transition to no rule, total anarchy. You can eliminate no rule, because that is usually the reaction to some form of on man rule or rebellion against the rule of law. The rule of the majority is a mob rule that turns into no rule or the rule of the few. In the end, there are two enduring forms of government that are interchange with one another, the rule of the few elite, an oligarchy, or the rule of law, some form of representation under the rule of law, a republic. Our founding fathers designed a republic. The threat to our government is an oligarchy, which will manifest itself in various ways, one of which is corporatism, where a few rich people make sure their candidate is in power. The threat proceeds from the denial of absolute truth. In the absence of faith in natural law, the revelation of God’s will to man, history shows the fall of a nation that will start with some form of oligarchy. God is displaced by man. Men submit to this form because of its accession to their own lusts.

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