A Church

by admin ~ September 10th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg, church.

When you say “church” to most people, they don’t know what it means. You hear a lot out in the world. You hear “building,” a church building is a church to many, even though it isn’t a church. It’s often a denomination, like the Lutheran Church, which isn’t a church. Some call “church,” organized religion. Church isn’t organized religion. The people who say that don’t want anyone to be in charge of their lives: they often want all the good things that God gives without having to submit to Him, which occurs through the church. To many, church is a social structure that is meant to meet physical needs, like food, and then help people out of other physical problems, like drug addiction. “Church” is an assembly of immersed believers, having New Testament ordinances and officers, and gathers together for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission. “Church” is the body of Christ. Christ is the Head of the church. Each body part submits to the Head, and Christ rules believers through the church. Is Christ ruling you through this church or are you somewhat influenced in your own ideas about what church is? It isn’t a club that you join to bring a certain quality of life for you. You’ve been given everything already, and through the church, you can give to God. You could never repay Him, but you can serve Him, worship Him, in light of His goodness to you.

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