Pastoring Saved People

by admin ~ August 5th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg, gospel.

The Apostle Paul writes and explains in Romans 6 why sin won’t have dominion over you any longer once you have been declared righteous, justified, by grace through faith. The first fourteen verses say you have a new life, which isn’t the same as the old, a righteous life, not a sinful life. Then verses 15-23 argue that we have a new master, the old master being sin and the new master being righteousness. If your master is righteousness, if Jesus Christ is your Lord, then you won’t live in sin any longer. You have a new master. With Romans 6 in mind, one should expect a believer, someone with a new life and a new master, to live for his new master. His life will be characterized by righteousness, that is, doing right, obeying the Lord. Sure, there will be a struggle, but he is not under the dominion of sin any more. He was in Adam, but now he is in Christ. He is an entirely different family with a new nature. An assumption of successful pastoring is that the church is made up of people with a new life and a new master. A pastor can’t get people without life and with the old master to obey righteousness and to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. He can help those who are already saved. They want to do what’s right. They aren’t by nature going to be indifferent to or fighting his righteous leadership. They will be fully cooperative, because that is who they are.

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