Living For What’s Important

by admin ~ July 22nd, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

You’ll often hear me talk about how many things have to be going right at any given moment for any one of us to live physically. God is taking care of all of those things outside of our conscious credit to Him. He’s doing it anyway, despite not receiving the non-stop thanks and praise that He deserves. However, it is not going to last. We live temporal lives, but the earth itself is also disposable. We won’t be here very long, but the earth is on the clock too. God’s Word tells us what this time we have is all about. We know why we’re here. Sure, we’re supposed to be good stewards of what we have and do the best we can with what God has given to us, but the things of this life – the house, what we eat, what we wear, etc. – none of these things are going to last. God wants us to invest our lives in spiritual things, prioritize spiritual things. The church is all about that, about following the Lord in what He wants us to do. The little time that we spend here is all about the kingdom of God, which moves on into eternity. Almost everyone reading this in our church probably says that he knows that. Are you living like it? Is the truth of God what is vitally important for and to you? It is what is most important, but do you treat it as such? This is living by faith, trusting God and what He said. The ones who do that are believers and they move on into eternity with the Lord.

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