Assembly as a Microcosm for Life

by admin ~ June 27th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

In many ways, one church service here at Bethel, the meeting of the church, is a microcosm of your entire life. What is your whole life about? It is about worshiping God, which is acknowledging God and giving Him what He wants. We are created for His pleasure and in this age, that is through the church. However, everything that occurs in the assembling of ourselves together here, although actually occurring and important in itself, is a model for what you are to do outside of the church. The meeting of our church is regulated by scripture. We pray, we read the Bible, we sing praise, we fellowship, we give, we preach, we listen to preaching, and we respond with submission to the Word of God. During the week, you take that model and live it out in your home, your work, and everywhere else. As that relates to hearing preaching and then passing along the Word of God that has passed through the church, we preach the gospel to every creature. That occurs in a systematic way. I believe every man should be involved in systematic evangelism, but also the spontaneous evangelism, where we live out the gospel with our life and lips. The latter very often doesn’t occur, because of the missing of the former. It’s not a more difficult commitment to go out with the men of our church to preach the gospel. What you do everywhere corresponds to that.

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