The Kingdom of Our Lord

by admin ~ May 28th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

We are in the midst of a presidential race that seems to percolate in the background of all the activity of the nation.  Many people make a living through comment and analysis on what the president does every day or on a regular basis.  People try to explain why people like or support a certain candidate.  You might hear that women want to break through “the glass ceiling.”  Someone might say that the people’s incomes are diminishing and the middle class is disappearing.  Very often the country is reduced to various special interests, each of which has a few issues important to the group and with votes for the candidate that says to or promises it.  In so many cases, the issues revolve around what people want.  Almost everything relates to one’s own personal well being.  On the other hand, some say they want a president who will defend the Constitution of the United States, someone who will not function according to special interest, but according to the law.  Whatever it is that people may say they want in a president, the process opens us up to the condition of the people of the nation and what they think is important.  It reminds us that the kingdoms of this world fall, but the kingdom of our Lord will never end.  We will always be fine if we submit to God and live for eternity.  For believers, our God will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory.

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