Motherhood, God’s Invention

by admin ~ May 14th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

God invented motherhood.  Let’s explore it for a moment from His perspective.  There’s mothering and then there’s mothering.  The former is having babies.  The latter is having them and raising them according to God’s Word.  God designed mothering and mothering.  God created the woman with the ability and role to bear children.  He also created the woman with the ability and role to raise them.  I’m not advocating in other words, Mr. Mom — only Mrs. Mom.  There is no, really, Mr. Mom.  That’s a perversion of what God created.   God created women, equipped them, with the unique nurturing ability to the point where mothering is uniquely female.   If men are doing it, they are acting like a woman, because it takes a woman to do it.  You can say, based on God’s Word, that there is nothing more important than mothering.  Speaking of “the woman,” that is, every woman generically or institutionally, 1 Timothy 2:15 says “she shall be saved in childbearing.”  Even though she was deceived, Eve sinned in the garden, and by doing so plunged mankind into destruction.  However, the woman has as much to do with bringing mankind back as anyone.  Her role is equal to that of the man’s, if she will fulfill it.  The woman does her part in bringing mankind back to its original purpose through childbearing.  There are a lot of great examples in God’s Word.

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