Two Categories of People

by admin ~ April 23rd, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

All of humanity divides up into two parts.  I understand that people don’t want it that way.  They are looking for more nuance. For instance, the world would like some historically great people to be included as a special category and perhaps some really evil, historically bad people to be another category, in addition to a few other categories.  Some might say land owners and non-land owners.  Some could divide it by race.  Reality is everyone is a sinner, but some are saved sinners who are saved from their sin and others are still lost in their sins.  Again reality is that you can’t please God in your sins.  You must get rid of the sin and that’s only through Jesus.  Jesus is the Savior of the world.  He’s the only way to heaven, the only way into His kingdom, the only sacrifice to wash away your sins.  That’s God’s plan.  If you just ignore that, and turn it into something temporal, then you might judge people in a different way, where they were really great if they were good speakers, could get people to follow them, helped people get rich, got rich themselves, owned a lot of property, or just went through completely tolerant of all behavior—whatever the standard you want to make for greatness.  However, if it’s all about pleasing God and getting into eternity with God and on His side, which it is, then it comes down to two categories, saved or lost.  You can be saved, so be saved.

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