Explaining the Obvious

by admin ~ April 16th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

This planet, the entire universe operates according to uniform laws.  Why is that?  Where did those come from?  They got here.  Why are they here?  Everything looks designed and orderly, like we would think something would look if it were designed and orderly.  Normally we give credit for something that looks made that it was made.  Things that were not made, but came about by accident – those look obvious too.  There can’t be an eternal regression of causes.  There must be a first cause.  Things can be so complicated that something or someone had to make them or design them.  They could not have occurred by accident, because several of the parts are components, which had to exist and be working together for the entire organism to exist.  By what we see, that doesn’t happen.  It can’t happen.  The Bible gives a very complicated, very detailed, very consistent explanation.  It’s really the only explanation.  You can’t see anything else.  Then the Bible itself sets itself up for failure if there were any possibility it could fail.  The author of the Bible is obviously God and knows He is God.  He makes predictions.  People don’t make the kind of predictions God makes.  They can’t.  God does because He knows what will happen and He can cause to happen what He want.  The Bible reports what we see happen: the history, how creation looks and operates, and then it nails humanity.

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