April Fool’s Day

by admin ~ April 9th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

April Fools Day seems to have reached proportions of almost a national holiday. “Holiday” comes from “holy day,” which means that it is a sanctified, set apart kind of day, not common. The concept of holiday has been through history something of an actual sacred day. What I’m saying is that holidays meant something. They had a sacred meaning, I’m saying. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Easter. Even Independence Day. God came into holidays, giving them the sense of holiness. At a certain point in time, nothing is sacred anymore. You’ve heard that, nothing being sacred anymore. When holidays aren’t holy any more, April Fools Day is as holy as any other holiday. Between family members, at the office, on the team or in school, the pranks and practical jokes and schemes for April Fool’s Day have become as celebratory sometimes as actual holidays. I’m not making some big point about April Fool’s Day itself. Psalm 14:1 says, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Holidays can turn into a sort of fool’s day when people behave on or with them as if God doesn’t exist. When nothing is sacred, holidays aren’t any more, and they may as be a sort of fool’s day, because the holiday has been emptied of its real meaning. Thanksgiving can be a holy day if someone can be and is thankful to God. Christmas can be holy if it is about God the Son. You know what I’m saying. A holiday that doesn’t have a mention of God, like Halloween, takes on more importance in a culture that doesn’t regard God any more as even existent if not important. On the other hand, if you’re a believer, every day is holy to you.

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