God’s Institutions

by admin ~ March 26th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

As you read through scripture, you see the various institutions God has ordained and the regulations and principles by which they are to function at their best.  There are three: one, family, two, government, and, three, the church.  You see in the world and even in this culture the failure of each of these God-ordained institutions.  Each comes with the authority of God.  The authority for every human institution is hierarchical, which means the authority is ultimately God.  For instance, if government violates God’s authority, one obeys God’s authority.  Government receives its authority from God, but not to function against God.  Even with family, if dad or mom or husband solicits or requires disobedience to God, God again is obeyed.  How does the church fit in as one of these institutions?  The church is most important of the three, because through the church God rules directly.  A church though isn’t a church if the Lord isn’t in charge of it.  God uses government out of His sovereignty.  The family is still the most fundamental institution of the three, but families are still families, even if they are almost entirely disobedient to God.  The church is only the church when Jesus is the Head.  Someone isn’t in line with God if He isn’t submitting within the church, which will move into His kingdom.

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