Perspecuity of Scripture

by admin ~ March 5th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I very often talk about the doctrine of perspecuity, which is a sub-category of the doctrine of scripture.  I recognize that “perspecuity” is a very technical word, which most people don’t recognize.  I still use the word because it is the technical name for a doctrine.  I don’t call it the “doctrine of plainness”  or the “doctrine of clarity” because those are not the historical name of the doctrine, neither are they clear at distinguishing a particular doctrine.  You do have to learn some technical terms if you are going to learn theology or doctrine.  It’s part of your growth.  More than ever, I believe perspecuity has moved its way up in vitalness as a doctrine.  I say vital, because all the doctrines of scripture are important, but this is one that is being diminished or disbelieved right now at an all time high in the world.  All scriptural doctrine is attacked by the world and the devil, and all those who work for those.  However, this is a unique attack on the truth.  People don’t acknowledge that the Bible is plain or perspicuous, that is, you might not understand what it means.  If you say you know, you are attacked for pride.  By keeping scripture ambiguous and not to be understood, it loses its authority, so that people don’t have to do what it says.  Whatever you want to say it means becomes as important as whatever someone else says.  Then, man becomes the authority and not God.

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