The Sinking Ship of Apostasy

by admin ~ February 13th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

We do know that everything will end in total apostasy, that is, everyone turns from God.  At one juncture, like I mentioned last week in this space, the whole human race had only eight people left who genuinely believed.  The rest were destroyed.  It can happen.  It also shows the difficulty here.  It takes great vigilance to bring this all to the other side, because it really, really tends to destruction.  Whole empires disappeared, and whole nations have no one left, like the Hittites.  It can be you. The gates of Hell will not prevail against His church, we know.  However, when we get to the end, things will be doing very, very badly.  I see this right now.  We can also know when someone is wrong.  Some people operate with uncertainty, thinking they might be wrong, even though they can look right there at scripture, and know what it says and how to apply.  We have to believe it and apply it.  God expects us to do that, and you will do that, if you are going to be in that final eight.  It must be scripture.  Each step away from the truth is leading you and your church where total apostasy ends.  It leads your family there.  You shouldn’t look around at other people traveling toward and into apostasy as an excuse to join them.  You should separate from them like you would embark from a sinking ship.  The sinking ship shouldn’t be popular.  It won’t be an excuse in the end that there were so many others on the sinking ship.

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