People Know God

by admin ~ January 23rd, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

There is tremendous, amazing, plenteous evidence that there is a God.  We can and should know Who He is based upon what people accept and believe as proof.  However, what evidence is there that there is not a God?  What I’m asking is for the evidence that God does not exist.  Of course, there is no evidence that God does not exist.  The only evidence atheists or anti-theists claim is that there is an absence of evidence or at least unsuitable evidence that God does exist.  They take their position based upon theists not proving to them that God does exist, that He is real.  Do atheists and anti-theists then live like God does not exist?  Not entirely.  They want to do what they want, but they still function in a world according to natural laws without which they could not operate like they do.  They live only selectively their atheism or theism.  In many different ways, they behave as though God exists where it is convenient to them.  They borrow a Christian worldview to function in a world where God exists, at the same time rebelling against God.  What I’m saying is that they  know God, but they just don’t glorify Him as God, just like Romans 1 says about these people.  Their behavior itself gives evidence of God, because it buttresses what God says about them in His Word.  People know God but they rebel against Him, because they don’t want Him in charge.

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