Dethroning God

by admin ~ January 16th, 2016. Filed under: Brandenburg.

In an attempt to reduce everything to a very simple concept, Satan wishes to dethrone God, where God is no longer in charge or in authority.  That will never happen.  Satan does not have the ability to do it, but He can succeed in the lives of people, even as He did with other angels.  People think they are getting their way, starting with Eve in the Garden, but the truth is that they are getting the way of Satan, which is a way of destruction.  People are still not in charge even when they opt to be in charge, because they are in bondage.  They want to do what they want to do, to make their own choices, but in the end, they don’t get the results they want out of that.  They are not better off and incalculably worse off.  To be saved, believers are rejecting self rule and self will.  They turn everything over to Jesus to do what He wants them to do.  They receive the power of eternal bliss.  Even in the short term, where there is still the battle against the flesh, they succeed in a characteristic way to fulfill their purpose of existence, for which God created them.  The kingdom and the eternal state is where you can’t even compare.  Someone would lose in argument about short term value of being charge of his own life, but it becomes no argument with the consideration of eternity.  God is good, and we are worse off dethroning Him, even if impossible to do.

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