Why a Unique Celebration of the Birth of Christ in December?

by admin ~ December 13th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Why should we start thinking about the birth of Christ at December, when so many say we shouldn’t?  First, even if we don’t know the month or day of Jesus’ birth, we do know He was born, so His birth should be celebrated at some time.  The angels celebrated it, the shepherds did, Joseph and Mary did, Simeon did, Anna did, Zacharias and Elizabeth did, so would we not?  It is tradition to celebrate Christ’s birth in December.  We don’t have to break tradition to make a point about the accuracy of a date that those in opposition say we don’t know.  They don’t give us a time.  They just tell us when it isn’t, satisfied that they are right about that, and either offended or somewhat offended now if people celebrate it at a time they say it didn’t occur.  We don’t have to believe that Jesus was born in December to celebrate His birth in December, because this has been when people have traditionally celebrated it.  Second, not only should we celebrate Christ’s birth because He was born, but also because of the importance of the birth, which is closely related to number one.  The coming of Christ was the greatest event in the history of mankind.  One could argue about what in His life was most important, but His actual coming was the most important event.  This time of the year gives us an opportunity to imagine the long-awaited coming of the Messiah, who was promised thousands of years.

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