Thinking about Thinking

by admin ~ December 5th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

As human beings, we do what at least one thing that no other living creature does, that being, we think about what we think.  We can think about what we’re thinking.  We can examine our own thoughts as to whether those thoughts are right.  What do you think of your thinking about God?  Is it accurate?  Does God receive the amount of thoughts that we ought to think about Him?  Do your other thoughts line up with Him?  We can judge as to whether our thinking is correct or not and then change that.  This would be part of what the Apostle Paul addressed in 2 Corinthians when he instructed to cast down imaginations that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God.  Imaginations are thoughts, under a bigger category of thinking.  When we think, we can imagine.  An image in our minds is a construct, what we construct in our minds about who God is.  We can just dismiss God, leave Him out of our thinking, as if He doesn’t exist, even though that were not to be true.  God can take a smaller place in our minds than Who He actually is, because we want to do what we want to do.  The person who does not think of God in a bigger and better way than he does himself will consistently do what he wants and then not what God wants.  That is thinking a lie and then acting upon that lie.  It is a thought that is deceptive, what Jonah calls a lying vanity.

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