The Bible Is Sufficient for Methods

by admin ~ November 27th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

The Bible is sufficient.  Everything necessary to fulfill every good work God wants is found in scripture.  If it’s in there, you also know that you can do what it says too.  God’s commandments are His enablements.  As it relates to service to God, what might be called worship or Christian ministry, a believer should depend on the methods that God gives in scripture.  Churches or believers in churches have a certain amount of liberty as it relates to how the methods God prescribes are done.  However, a different means than what God designated should not be used.  For instance, God wants preaching to save the lost.  He wants the plain proclamation of His saving message as a basis for someone’s salvation.  That way He gets all the glory.  God’s methods through the years, men have noticed, don’t work.  They actually do work, but they don’t engender the kind of results that men want, so men have invented ones that will work.  The problem with almost all of those methods is that they also produce tremendous amount of false profession and confusion.  Even if they all worked, God wouldn’t get the glory for that, and He does want the glory.  Another aspect of this is whether people are actually involved faithfully in those methods like the Apostle Paul was, when he said in 1 Corinthians 4 that he was a faithful steward of the mysteries of God.

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