Word of Truth Conference 2015 — Theme: The Gospel

by admin ~ November 15th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

When we started the Word of Truth Conference, I wanted a preaching conference that would accomplish more than one goal.  Number one, I wanted our church to be edified.  Right now it is our one special meeting of the year.  We have camp in the summer, but this is it.  I think it can be a help to our church people, and if it wasn’t, we would not have it.  I want you to be helped by it.  The Gospel, this year’s theme, and one for a few years, is the good news we all need.  We have no hope without the gospel by which we are saved, and we all need to be saved.  However, the Gospel is necessary for believers too.  They need to know the true Gospel, and when they do, it will give them a lot to equip them for their own life.  So, first, I want our people to get help.  After that, I want other preachers and churches to be helped.  They can through the recordings, through the videos, through being here, and then through the books that we right.  It then can be a conference that keeps on giving, not only for you, but for many others who are not here. That makes it all more worthwhile.  We would want a conference anyway, just for our people, but I want to and want you, the church, to encourage people in the Gospel too.  Isn’t the Gospel great?  Can you enjoy it and appreciate it in its greatness?  We don’t want the Gospel messed up.  We want it to stay the Gospel.

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