Word of Truth Conference, 2015

by admin ~ October 30th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg, gospel.

Our Word of Truth Conference (WOT) is coming up quickly and I want to promote it here.  It’s our only conference or meeting like this for the whole year.   Why do we do what we do, like we do it with the WOT?  First, I don’t think we need much in the way of special meetings.  We get very thorough regular, dense preaching that will equip the saints. Second, it is good that we have at least this one, and this gives us the opportunity to hear other like-minded men preach, providing fellowship and sharpening for us.  Third, we get a lot of preaching, more than usual, in a short period of time.  This improves the Christian walk, like if you put in a flurry of practice on an instrument or work on an athletic pursuit.  Four, with the special emphasis every year, in this year’s case, the gospel, we can be built up in that one area.  Five, we can help other churches through the visit of their pastors, the recordings, and videos that are watched online.  Six, we’ve published one book so far that will allow the conference to keep on giving for years to come.  I like accomplishing a lot with our conference.  It does a lot for us if we put something into it.  You can grow from it, if you work at it, invest time and effort into it.  By covering the gospel this year, we get the added benefit of the purity of the gospel and the protection of the gospel, which God obviously wants from His church.

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