Methods Churches Use

by admin ~ October 1st, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

A lot of churches today use methods that we don’t see in scripture.  They’re not in there.  They are justified by saying that since the Bible says nothing about them, they must be acceptable.  They also defend these methods by saying that they are getting good results.  So, they’re not wrong, because scripture is silent about these methods, and they’re working.  If you criticize them for these methods, they treat you like you don’t want the results, or that since they get those results, you’re just jealous.  By criticizing them, they also say that you are adding to the Bible.  Since the Bible is silent, your saying something is an addition to scripture.  One church may have a rock band, and it uses the rock music to attract unbelievers, since unbelievers like rock music.  There isn’t a verse that says  anything about rock music.  They think that is a suitable or clinching argument.  None of what they are saying is true.  I can’t cover it all in a short essay, but the most basic argument against is the sufficiency of scripture.  We regulate our ministry based upon the Bible.  If the Bible is sufficient, then it is sufficient for methods too.  Silence isn’t permission.  The Bible says something about methods, so those should be used.  The Bible doesn’t stop there.  It says that the biblical methods bring glory to God. When we depend on what God said, then He gets the glory for the results (1 Corinthians 1:18-2:4).

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