God’s Fairness

by admin ~ September 11th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

This week I gave some thought to a top reason for rejection of salvation—the unfairness of God.  This surfaces in two areas: (1) people who apparently have never heard, and (2) the problem of evil or suffering.  People argue they’re justified in rejecting the Bible because it excludes those who’ve never heard about Jesus Christ – they can’t receive a God like that.  The second is similar, which is God causing or allowing for evil, which leads to suffering and death, including the death of infants and young people succumbing to cancer.  They deem this kind of unfairness unacceptable and so impossible to be the truth.  The answers to both are similar.  The clay doesn’t say to the Potter, why have you made me such?  God is justified in His wrath, because men know Him through creation, conscience, and providence, and suppress that knowledge in rebellion.  God gives the opportunity to everyone and that is illustrated again and again in scripture, His not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.  Lamentations explains suffering – it’s our unfaithfulness, not God’s – He’s always faithful.  God is just.  God isn’t the problem.  People have that wrong.  Man is the problem.  Man doesn’t deserve saving.  God does that out of His grace alone.  What isn’t fair, if anything, is our salvation.  When people get that and are thankful, they can be saved.

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