A Person In There

by admin ~ August 28th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

When the ultrasound nurse shows a mother and father her baby, they see the head, the arms, the legs, the fingers, the eyelids, the nose, the mouth, and the nurse calls this, “your baby.”  She doesn’t call this, “your fetus.”  The ultrasound has revealed the obvious, what anyone knew already, but could now see for himself.  Darwin saw the cell as only a blob.  That’s where he was at that time, but since then, we now know, looking under a microscope, what’s on the inside of the cell, its irreducible complexity.  Michael Behe entitled his book, Darwin’s Black Box, because it was just a black box and no one knew what was on the inside, but now they did, and that should be science to scientists.  They ignore it, because it contradicts their presuppositions.  What I’m saying is that they are not really interested in science.  They want the world to be and to be understood like they want it to be.  So even though we can see the obvious – that is a person in there – we just act like we’re in the same position we were perhaps thirty years ago, when people did not regularly see a baby in a womb.  It was easy to call it a blob, like the view of the cell Darwin had.  It wasn’t a blog after all, but still keep treating it like it is one for argument’s sake.  The abortion debate has moved, because it is harder now to ignore the so-called science.  This is just one argument, but does in part explain the movement.

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