Abortion Is Murder

by admin ~ August 14th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

A lot has shown up in the news recently about Planned Parenthood because of some undercover videos that were recorded that showed doctors and leaders in the organization, talking about selling body parts of aborted babies for profit.  Why are true, scriptural believers settled about abortion?  The Bible exposes abortion as murder.  How?  First, murder is wrong.  Even before it was part of the ten commandments in Exodus 20, God commanded the death penalty for murder to Noah in Genesis 9, right when he got off the ark.  The New Testament also condemns murder.   Unrepentant murderers will find their place in the lake of fire, in the torment of eternal punishment.  Genuine believers oppose murder.  Supporting murder characterizes an unbeliever.  At the root of civil or judicial law is protection of life, life for life at the root of equal retribution, of justice itself.  There is no justice if there is no protection of life.  The second part of the argument is when life begins.  Do we know from the Bible that life begins at conception, in the womb, or is it at the moment of birth?  We know that it starts at conception because of passages like Psalm 139 and even Psalm 51, which reports that David was conceived in iniquity.  He was a person at conception as seen in his sin nature from the moment of conception, he was a person.  Abortion is murder of a person.

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