Love of Country

by admin ~ July 10th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

How does someone celebrate this country now?  To start, we never have relied on this country for our joy and fulfillment.  We shouldn’t consider ourselves to be citizens of this world, but citizens of heaven or the kingdom of Jesus Christ.  We’ve never said everything in the country is right, but there is plenty to celebrate—less so, but a lot still. I still love this country.  What a country this still is!  I’m so happy that next week I will go out evangelizing door-to-door with no threat of imprisonment. We’re meeting today with a church service and we’re not going to go to jail for what preach.  I’m not saying that we will continue to have these freedoms, but we have them.  I’m grateful for the security and standards and work and sacrifice that has left us with what we have in this country.  People are still trying to get in.  Even those who are leaving, in many cases are leaving with the benefits they received from this country and living off of those benefits.  I don’t think that is a good reason to leave, that is, because the money you take from entitlements will go further in another country, but people are doing that.  Many of the things we celebrate are those qualities that we are giving up and what will bring down the country, but no doubt we can still celebrate what was done, what God has given, and the many great principles that bring us what we have today here.

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