Jesus, the Leader of the Church

by admin ~ June 27th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg, Jesus.

Stay with me for a few moments on leadership and our church.  Spiritual leadership in a church revolves around the authority, the Bible, and our ultimate Leader, Jesus Christ, and His mandate for His organization.  The Bible and that Person, Jesus, are our Leadership.  The institutional flowchart has the pastor taking care of that responsibility on the ground and with the full support of the church, which by definition are believers.  They believe in this.  If they don’t believe in this, it won’t work.   You can’t get people who don’t really believe to have bought in to this.  They actually have to believe in this as a base, as a fundamental.  Is that the case?  Does everyone believe this?  I think for sake of argument, we should say, “Yes, everyone here believes this; everyone is a believer.”  Despite that, we have to help people be a part of fulfilling that thought.  We’re saying they believe and we have to make sure there is a follow through, because the nature of the flesh tends toward not accomplishing what we say and think that we believe.  I’m assuming we believe, but as one responsible to make sure people do in fact believe, I want to help us through those challenges.  It would be good for us to at least first acknowledge that we do believe.  That’s not difficult to do, that is, acknowledge something.  Then we want to be sure we know what belief looks like. Jesus said what it was.

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