Faith and Change of Lifestyle

by admin ~ June 19th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

As I write this, I have something I can’t see, except for the symptoms, but I know I have it, because of the symptoms, starting with a burning sensation in the back of my nasal cavity, somewhat into my sinuses.  I knew what it was, but that wasn’t all the evidence.  That night I didn’t sleep so well because I felt uncomfortable.  The next day my nose started to run and my body ached.  Two days later, my nose was Yosemite Falls during rainy season.  Sure, you already know.  I have a cold as I write this.  I changed my behavior in a pretty drastic way based upon the symptoms of something I couldn’t see.  I couldn’t even see when I got the cold virus.  I have it though.  I know.  I had touched a lot of different people between Friday night and Sunday, probably didn’t use enough hand sanitizer, and again, I couldn’t see it.  I still know I have it.  Some of you might have guessed what this is about.  You’re thinking and that’s good. We can’t see God, but we have the visible symptoms of God all around, mostly scripture, that say that He’s here and He’s working.  We know we have a cold.  We know it.  We know even more that God is here and working.  When I got a cold, I changed my lifestyle.  How is your lifestyle adapting to the truth that God is here and working?  The greatest truth that we live regards what we can’t see.  This is living by faith and that pleases God.

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