Life Doesn’t Go On

by admin ~ June 6th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

You’ve heard the term, life goes on.  It doesn’t.  It actually ends.  Everyone knows this and thinks about it on a regular basis.  People are trying to do things to insure that life will go on, knowing that it is futile.  Because life doesn’t go on, they choose to not think about life not going on, and instead say, “life goes on.”  I can say, “I’m Albert Einstein,” and that doesn’t make me Albert Einstein in a very, very similar way as saying, “life goes on,” doesn’t really make life go on.  If I keep saying “I’m Albert Einstein,” won’t make it more so.  Most people would say that I was just insane, but they think differently about “life goes on.”  Life doesn’t go on and there is only one trustworthy place to find out what to do about that.   It isn’t cryogenics, where they put your dead body on deep freeze until medical science can solve death or whatever killed you.  It isn’t some religion.  It isn’t a man, like Buddha.  The only place you can trust to find out how to escape death, once you’ve got there, is the Bible.  The Bible is authenticated. It is validated.  It is confirmed.  It is sure.  It is documented in more ways than are necessary to believe anything else.  The reason people don’t believe it isn’t because of the nature of the Bible as a book, but because people are rebellious in their sin, so they don’t like it.  They rebel against God.  Since life doesn’t go on, we need the message of the Bible.

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