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When Darwin wrote his Origin of Species, the technology that could look at the cell had not been invented.  As far as that generation was concerned, it was just a mass or a blob.  Then came the electron microscope and men could look at the cell and saw the irreducible complexity.  It didn’t stop there.  They went further and figured out DNA, that it was a code, a system of information and design.  This, of course, blew apart everything that naturalists speculated to back up their presupposition.  In addition to that, men already knew that there was no evidence of transitional forms in the fossil record, only the evidence of kinds.  The incrementalism of Darwin, slow transformation over billions of years from simple to complex—men knew that had never happened.  There was no basis for it.  What I’m saying is that the worldview taught in the public schools, the entire university system, and the media is all a lie.  They know it is.  Everyone knows that all of this never occurred by chance.   Someone put a room full of monkeys into a room full of computers and saw what even this level of intelligence could produce by chance.  They didn’t come up with Shakespeare.  They didn’t even get words.  That could only occur by design.  This world, solar system, galaxy, all the galaxies came from design and matches exactly what is taught in the Bible.  God created the heavens and the earth.

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