Is It Scriptural?

by admin ~ May 14th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

The bottom line of any position that we take is, “Does scripture teach it?”  If it does, then we believe and obey it.  If whatever it is that we believe contradicts the Bible, it is invalid.  We shouldn’t believe it – we have no basis for doing so.  Religions have these issues to deal with, that is, what they believe and practice isn’t taught in God’s Word.  The Bible does not teach, for instance, to sprinkle infants.  That’s not in the Bible anywhere and there is nothing like it in scripture.  You have to put it into the Bible in order to get it out.  Someone may think that God’s Word teaches something, but it doesn’t.  We should believe and practice what the Bible says, no more or no less, but what the Bible does teach will cohere to everything else that it teaches.  It won’t contradict itself.  If it is in fact what scripture teaches, you will see how it coheres with everything else in the Bible.  Men are not saved by works and by faith.  Those two contradict each other, so they could not both be true.  One is false, and the Bible doesn’t teach anything false.  The right position will agree with all other texts of scripture that say something about the same subject of a particular passage.  A prerequisite for faith in and obedience to a teaching of scripture is the presupposition that you can read the Bible with the normal meaning of words or the basic laws of language.

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