Believing and Certainty

by admin ~ May 1st, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I didn’t know it, but “certainty” is a philosophical concept that has entries in encyclopedias.  More than ever, men are thinking about certainty, because they are less certain.  We lived in a world with far more certainty in an earlier age.   Was this good or bad?  Some would have you believe a greater merit to doubt than certainty, except that doubt isn’t exalted by God in the Bible.  It’s bad there.  In the end, being uncertain insults God’s revelation.  You are saying He hasn’t been clear enough or plain enough, short on ability to communicate.  God couldn’t get His message across and so you’re uncertain.  Either that, or we really don’t know.  That really is a blank sky and when we die, we turn to worm food, at least until the sun burns out, all life on earth is eliminated, and the universe goes silent.  Nobody is there to hear it, even if it did make a noise.  I believe that God wants complete certainty, 100% assurance from us.  He wants to believe fully.  Not because of God, we don’t operate at that level of certainty, and so living in a continuous state of full assurance isn’t required as a definition of belief.  Believing is something a little less than certainty, is what I’m saying.  However, you are certain to the degree that it results in the full submission of your will to God.  You turn from your will and way to His, because you’re certain enough that He is true, and you believe.

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