No Accident

by admin ~ April 18th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I was talking to a man about a week ago, and in presenting him the evidence for the faith, I called the alternative “an accident.”  He didn’t like the word, “accident.”  He liked chance better, but accident didn’t sound like something he was believing or thinking.  What I was saying is that he believed that we got here by accident, because that is the alternative to design.  People don’t like to hear that, because it just sounds wrong, but it is what they believe, and that’s your intellectual choice.  Do you believe that what you see with your own eyes is an accident or does it look like design to you?  Of course, it’s design, and this is general revelation.  Everyone knows it.  It has to be design, because there are hundreds of details that have to be right for us to even survive.  There is no way they all occur by accident.  Who would credit an accident for all this?  A rebellious person, who wants his life to be his own, to go his own way—that’s who—and it’s the height of unthankfulness, since God did it and continues to do it.  These people are surviving only because of Him, drawing more breaths to use in blasphemy against Him.  The amount of evidence that God provides is enough to screen out the rebellious from being with God for eternity.  If you want to be on your own, the idea, then go ahead and be on your own, but it’s not going to look pretty.

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