What It All Comes Down To

by admin ~ March 27th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg, gospel, Jesus.

What does everything come down to?  Everything.  Everything.  Everything comes down to whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not.  God places almost all importance on believing in Jesus Christ.  From our perspective, you could say it is everything.  If we were to think through all the possibilities of what could be that important, perhaps other things might come to mind.   People today might think it is getting water to needy, drought-ridden countries, not littering or polluting, saving the planet, preserving animals or the fragile ecosystem, or sharing the wealth.  Some would say it is to give a man his human or civil rights, tolerating whatever lifestyle he chooses, and getting along with one another.  God says it is believing in Jesus Christ, because everything doesn’t revolve around man and what he thinks.  Whatever makes sense to him is not necessarily right and not probably right.  It is usually wrong.  It’s also not a good thing to say or think, “I’ll go ahead and risk it, and go with what I think or feel is important.”  It is the greatest and most costly risk by a long ways.  When you look at life from God’s perspective, which is a biblical one, it does make sense that believing in Jesus Christ it is.  And God explains it, so we can get it.  On a root level, we already get it, but we’re rebellious.  We won’t get anything out of rebellion except the worst possible end.

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