Eternal Punishment: It’s Real

by admin ~ March 21st, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I don’t have a lot of dreams any more, and when I do, I assure you that I don’t think I’m receiving divine revelation. I believe dreams relate mainly to what we’re thinking about during the day, so there isn’t new material.  God has stopped giving revelation, according to His own Words.  I don’t take anything new from this dream, except that it gave me thoughts about God’s judgment.  I was shown eternal torment, the lake of fire, someone entering into it, the entrance being shut forever, and the knowledge that it was over.  Then I woke up. I know that once someone goes to hell, he’s there forever, but it is hard to imagine it.  I don’t think it is real to most of us most of the time.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t believe in it.  The dream didn’t tell me anything new, but it brought to mind the reality of the finality of eternal punishment from God.  We have to, in a sense, project ourselves forward to that point, when we consider it by faith.  We experience lost opportunity in this lifetime, but nothing like that.  A person at that moment will be in the greatest pain of his existence.  I believe at that beginning of eternity for him, he will think it won’t last.  He will try to escape.  He will know that isn’t possible.  And then the thought will settle in that he’s there forever, like those drowning and the door to the ark was closed.  His experience there will never end.

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