One Truth, One Story

by admin ~ February 20th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

When we say there is one truth, we mean in part there is one story. There are not two versions of the story of this world. Someone may perceive something different to have happened, but only one thing happened. People may have a different version, but the facts are the facts. When it comes to the basics of this, we have the Bible. God gave it to us to understand, but we have to want to understand it. We can know it, but we have to humble ourselves under it. It is not a play thing or a hobby. The Bible, however, does present the truth about life, answering those most basic questions. It tells the beginning, the middle, and the end of the story like we are supposed to know it, because it is the truth. Someone may choose something different, but it is not the truth. We can know it, and we actually do know it. Romans 1 says we know it, but we suppress it. We may invent a different ending to rejecting it, but that’s a lie. Sometimes I say we have to project ourselves forward into eternity. We do. This is living by faith, but it is also something God designed us to do. We do it all the time. We see an end and then we function to reach the most desired. A child sees a test at school. Time draws near. He prepares, foreseeing how he will be tested. We have a project at work and we do what it takes to get ready for it. We should apply that same tack to our life.

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