How to Want the Nation to Change

by admin ~ February 13th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I think most people reading here would want the nation to change.  You the reader think that many changes are needed.  Right now as you read this, do you agree?  Do you think that changes are needed and that you would like changes?  With that established, how will that take place?  To start, we can’t allow things that are already established, that are right, to slip.  We’ve got to be sure that we keep everything that we have, like it is, except better, which it should always be.  The first step is maintaining what we have, not dropping it, and being vigilant to do so.  It takes vigilance, because we face constant erosion, as you know.  The pressures are against preservation of the truth in belief and practice.  We shouldn’t easily forsake what we have practiced for decades, even centuries, because we prefer a different application of scripture.  The second step is growing.  We can’t preserve without gaining.  Some kind of stalemate will only lead to loss.  We can’t go backwards.  We must go forwards.  But all of this is our responsibility.  We can’t expect others to maintain and grow if we will not do so.  All of this, that I have written, starts with you personally, then your family, and finally the whole church.  These three are “we.”  We are not ready to change other people and other families, and then other churches, if we can’t keep ourselves where we should be.

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