Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate and the Commission

by admin ~ January 31st, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

After God created the world, before the fall, He gave man a mandate, which we read toward the end of Genesis 1, which was first to raise a family, stated as be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth, and second to earn a living, written as subdue and have dominion.  Those commands have not been rescinded for mankind.  Christians then still are to be doing these.  That means that our work, as long as it isn’t sinful, can contribute to that instruction from God.  Married couples should have children and raise them and the family improve conditions on earth with its work.  It’s not just earning a living, but making things better in material, social, and spiritual ways.  God’s Word gives a basis for fulfilling this mandate.  So this is more than a matter of “evangelizing in the workplace.” Sure, that should be done and that would be a part of accomplishing God’s command in His way.  However, the work alone can be God’s work.  At the same time, a church must complete the Lord’s Great Commission.  To get both done, a whole church needs to all be doing some of that.  For the gospel to be preached to everyone, we need everyone, not just a few “really dedicated,” or maybe just those too gullible that they “don’t understand” that they don’t need to do anything.  We’ve got to have everyone in the church be a part of we are to complete the mandate and the commission.

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