Not Increasing the Descent

by admin ~ January 24th, 2015. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:44, “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.”  I’m writing that because that is where we already stand, regardless of the condition of the world and this country.  And I tell you that, because I think, and you might agree, we are at a pivotal, serious, consequential, sort of tipping point in history.  We’ve had some hard times with the various wars we’ve fought in American history, and the time in which we live has not been one where we’ve experienced massive deaths like we have in the past.  But that reminds me of the false prophets, who said “Peace, peace,” when there was no peace. Before things become the worst they’ll ever be, things very likely will look very good.  They won’t look good to God, but they could look good to people with little discernment.  You’ve traveled down descents that went from gradual to steep.  You see those emergency pull-offs for big trucks.  The steepness of our descent has increased and we’re getting to the bottom much faster than when we did before.  Those factors that could slow us down have also deteriorated.  While we sail at a faster descent down this slope, that doesn’t look or feel so bad to most.  The hitting bottom is where you really find out.  Let’s not be a factor that increases the speed downward or the descent.  We should inhibit it, even if we were far from it.

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