Thinking and Doing

by admin ~ December 27th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

What you think is what you do, so if you want to do something different, you have to think different.   Many negative thoughts are not going to contribute toward success in life.  I’ve got to battle those thoughts myself.  Almost all of our thinking comes from the outside and come into our mind via the senses.  To live successfully, you’ve got to choose the source of your thinking, which must be the truth.  In the end, success is judged by and determined by the truth.  The truth is found in Scripture, the final arbiter of truth.  The Bible is the sole authority for what we believe and do.  You are off the mark if you don’t follow what God’s Word says.  Therefore, to be a success you’ve got to think what the Bible says and to do that, you must feed your mind with the Bible.  The problem here is the tendency just to let whatever is out in the world to feed your mind with whatever is in it.  It’s easy just to allow yourself to have the world control your thinking.  This is living by sight, instead of by faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God.  We’ve got to control the thinking agenda.  You have to choose what you are going to think about, which means choosing to read the Bible, listening to sermons from scripture, and then making the plans to obey all that.  You’ve got the ability as a Christian, God’s grace, but you’ve got to want it and be vigilant with it.  Will you?

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