When You Believe Something

by admin ~ December 13th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

You can tell when you believe something.  You see your little child crawling toward the electrical outlet and then putting his finger on the socket, massaging it and prodding and poking it.  What do you do?  You might even run to stop him.  You might yell, “Stop!”  There is a heaven and a hell and a future kingdom.  You believe that too.  Right?  So what is your behavior, having believed or believing that?  Do you do anything?  Christians believe and then maybe they don’t believe.  I understand there is a difference.  You can actually stop your child from being electrocuted.  There is an instinct within you, part of your own self-preservation, and your nurturing, to stop a child from putting his finger in an electrical socket.  If you warn someone about his soul, you’ve been conditioned into thinking he won’t like it or he won’t listen and he’ll reject it.  It seems like a waste of time on the level of digging a ditch and then filling it.  I also understand that society sees you as great for saving a child and really, really stupid for not saving one.  Society hates you for warning about hell.  Nevertheless, you believe, as a Christian, that hell and heaven is real, and the kingdom is real.  You believe that.  What do you do?  Even if you don’t believe they will listen, God wants you to do that, and you believe that too.  Right?  If we believe, let’s let our behavior show it.

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