Why Isn’t It More Clear?

by admin ~ December 6th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg, gospel, Jesus.

Maybe sometimes you wonder why Christianity can’t be respectable to the world.  Why can’t the world just see that the Bible is the truth?  What makes this so hard?  Why couldn’t God have made it easier for them?  Even in Jesus’ time on earth, it would seem, wouldn’t it, that then it would have been clear?  Even then, with all of that directly in front of them, it wasn’t clear enough for most.  They still rejected the truth.  An important aspect or part of our faith, foundational to it, is thankfulness for what God does give us.  God is perfection and defines perfection and what we have of evidence about and for Him is perfection.  This is how it should be.  In a sense, the amount of evidence He provides for us to believe is the amount necessary to find the true believers.  You’ve got to want Him.  He’s given us the amount necessary for someone who wants to find Him, and really to find Him easily.  We know He hasn’t made it too difficult.  Everyone knows Him already in their hearts, and if they don’t follow Him and obey Him, it is because they are not interested in Him. They want something different.  They are selfish and unthankful is what we see.  They have enough, but they want more.  Jesus said it is an evil and adulterous generation that seeks after a sign (Matthew 12:39).  In other words, someone doesn’t sell out to God, because God hasn’t done enough—that’s wicked.

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