Irreducibly Complex Goodness

by admin ~ October 11th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Think about yourself for a moment, all there is to you.   As finite and frail as you are, always to a certain degree not in control of your surroundings, you are rather complicated, even if you just start with your body.  You could start with the cellular level, your being made up of millions of parts: atoms, molecules, and cells.  At the same time, the cells about which you are made, themselves are of irreducible complexity.  Living things have fantastically intricate features—at the anatomical, cellular and molecular level—that could not function if they were any less complex or sophisticated.   Each cell is as functionally complex as a small city.  When magnified 50,000 times through electron microscopes, you see a cell made up of multiple complex structures, each with a different role in a cell’s operation.  At any given moment so much is happening within each of your systems, that you could never keep track of all of them.  You can’t do anything really about what’s happening on the insides.  Each of your eyes have multiple parts dependent on each other one.  And then you are breathing and your blood is circulating and your brain is sending messages through your nervous system that enable you to multi-task.  When you think of just yourself, draw that circle around yourself and think about who is in that circle, that is a good argument for faithfulness to God.

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