The Church Is a Body

by admin ~ September 20th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

I remind you that a church is a body, and as a body, it has body parts.  The Bible calls the parts, “members.”  Our body parts are members.  Each member is different and yet necessary.  The whole body will function properly only as each individual member does.  The other body parts should notice what is missing from other members.  If a body part is missing, then the body will not function as well.  It will get less work done or fulfill as many goals.  The church is the body of Christ.  Even more important, each part is a member of the body of Christ, so is representing Christ in being so.  You are Christ’s finger, eye, nose, hand, foot, or ear.  Each body part will and should notice when another body part is suffering, missing, or  even not functioning as he should.  A key aspect to ministry in the body is noticing each body part.  You should recognize what’s going on with other members.  Obviously, a pastor is responsible for doing this, even as his name, “bishop,” from episkopos, which means “overseer.”  The overseer is responsible for overseeing.  However, every Christian is to bear one another’s burden out of love.  This really is more significant than family.  I know, because Jesus said that his brothers and sisters in the church were his family.  He said they were his brothers and sisters in the same or a greater way than his real family.  Let the church be thus.

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