God’s Fingerprints

by admin ~ September 14th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

Over a century ago, Charles Darwin wrote his Origin of Species after visiting the Galapagos Islands in the South Pacific. His theory of evolution said all living things traced from a common ancestor and gave men their basis for all natural origin without God. In his time, Darwin saw the cell in the detail of a microscopic blob. The thought of evolution took its derivation from common features of different species of animals. It did not take into consideration the complexity of an individual cell or the information or language or code of DNA. Men walking after their own desires wanted no ultimate authority. They embraced a theory that backed that philosophical presupposition. There was enough mystery in the concept of a common origin, that is, that idea lacked detail so that convenient extrapolation and speculation could be done in order to dismiss God. However, the evidence, the truth as seen in microbiology, physics, and DNA, doesn’t back up the claims of natural selection over billions of years. It defies incremental transitional development of living things. The only explanation is design. This is on the level of words written in the sand on the seashore. We know these were designed by intelligence as much as the Rosetta Stone wasn’t formed by chance. God’s design has an irreducible complexity that can be explained only by God. They’re His fingerprints.

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