Receiving the Words We Have

by admin ~ July 19th, 2014. Filed under: Brandenburg.

From 400 B.C. to around year 0, God did not speak to man — He went silent. Those are even called the four hundred silent years. People seem to expect God to provide spoken Word, which is another case of the clay expecting something from the Potter. God gave us a Book, the Bible, and this is the prime and enduring method for God to communicate. We’ve got to depend on scripture. That is not good enough for many. A man wants direct revelation to himself. He’s going to need to get over that. It’s not happening. God gives grace to the humble, and the humble will receive the grace of God’s special revelation through scripture. It is enough. Look at it this way. We’ve got a book to sort through, exegete, pore over, and live. If we can’t start there and enjoy that, thoroughly understand that, then why would we deserve something more than that? Scripture itself says that this written form is complete and sufficient and superior. God says it is the best form of communication to men. Scripture not being good enough arises from human pride. It is good enough. However, even among professing believers, it isn’t. They don’t know the Bible, they ignore it, and disobey it. Some claim to still get Word from God, God giving them special revelation, another indication of the rejection of what God wants men to receive. Let us receive the Word of God.

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